Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Jude's Second Haircut

Jude had his second hair cut.  It did not go well.  Poor Dude screamed the whole time!  This was so different from the first haircut, where he was so calm and cool about the whole process.   It didn't help that this time there was a little boy in front of him who was crying.  Either way, he survived and was rewarded with Nilla Wafer cookies as we watch airplanes and helicopters take off and land.  He absolutely flipped over that, so I think I made it up to him!

Stopped crying at the end when 2 more boys came in for their haircuts.

Reward time!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Two Word Words!

Jude now says two word words, like bug man, lawn mower, and mailman.  The bottom video shows Jude hearing the Mailman.  He ran to get his mail truck and repeatedly said "mail man" while standing at the window.  Love this guy!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Making Groceries!

Jude enjoyed a New Orleans' tradition of Making Groceries at the Louisiana Children's Museum.  He had so much fun pushing his own shopping cart and picking out his items.  He definitely liked the macaroni and cheese;  I had to convince him two boxes was more than enough.  And milk, well he grabbed as much as his little arms could hold.

Here's a little pic of all his buddies we met up with that day: (Front to back): Claire, Charlotte, Camille, Nina, Aubree, and Jude.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Jude's 1st Hurricane

Jude thoroughly enjoyed his first Hurrication (hurricane vacation), Hurricane Issac, which hit the same day that Hurricane Katrina hit 7 years ago:  August 29, 2012.  He LOVED having his Daddy and Uncle over to play during the week.  Despite losing power at 3:30 am on Wednesday morning and not getting it back until late Friday night, around 9 pm, Jude had the time of his life.  His favorite thing to do by far was chase Daisy (our little poodle/terrier mix around and around the table in the playroom).  He giggled and giggled about this.

By Thursday afternoon it was getting pretty warm in the house and Jude's little cheeks were getting rosy.  Thank God Almighty that my parents got the power back on and invited us over to stay.  We stayed Thursday and Friday night and appreciated the air conditioning like never before!

Thankfully, we only had minor roof damage.  We feel so blessed.  Jamie and I learned a lot about hurricane preparedness with a toddler.  While we thought we were prepared, this was our first hurricane in years and the very first with a baby.  We know what to do next time...evacuate!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Jude's New Shades

Jude was playing at his GaGa Mary's store and found a pair of sunglasses.  He didn't quite get how to put them on....PRECIOUS!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

My Son Thinks He is A Dog

Yes, my Son very well may think he is a dog.  He likes to sit in the dogs' bed, he loves to lay with them and cuddle.  He enjoys chasing them around the house and around and around the tables.  He constantly raids their toy basket.  He enjoys splashing in their water bowl.  He has successfully bitten into a large rawhide bone and began to chew it....GROSS!   We also have to make sure no kibbles of dog food are left lying around otherwise Jude will put them in his mouth and try to eat them.  Same thing goes with the dog treats.  He has been known to steal them from Kali, our black lab.  He plays fetch with Kali.  He thinks he needs to kiss with his mouth open & use his tongue, just like the girls (our dogs) do.  I believe he has given up his army crawl for correct crawling because it better mimics the way the girls look when they walk on all fours.  Truly, my son LOVES his puppy dogs!  
(Yes, Jude does have a pony tail in his hair in the following videos.  His hair was so long it was constantly in his eyes.  Don't worry, it was a one day thing as he went to get a hair cut shortly after these videos).


Jude is now feeding himself with a fork...I still put the food on the fork, but he takes it from me and puts it right into his mouth.  It is so darling!  I love this kid more than life itself!
Here are a few funny videos of us doing this.  Of course, when the video comes out he gets distracted and things start flying...   (first video is pre-haircut on May 9th, 2012)  (second & third videos are post-haircut on May 19, 2012)  (Jude is 14 months old).

He has been having all these words, feeding with utensils, hair cuts, etc.  it has been so much fun!  I love being a part of all these priceless moments.  God deserves a very big thank you for my precious little man.  Boy, am I grateful!